Who's Who?

  • Saturday, 10th October, 2009
  • 02:58am

Periodically, especially with new people, we like to refresh memories on "Who's Who" here at MerchantMoms and where to get the help you need Smiley  You may have noticed blue titles under the names.  This is only for staff, so you'll know who is a staff member.

Who's Who

Herb and I (Sherri) are the owners.  Herb is most often behind the scenes helping with billing (blech!) and things like that, while I'm everywhere on everything else.  The phone is answered by myself, or sometimes if you're really lucky, Herb.  Sometimes (oh no!) you do get voice mail if we are on the line with another client, away for a bit (!) or sleeping (!!).

Kathie, Barb, Tara, Laura and Tina are MerchantMoms staff on the forums and/or the support desk.  The talent and expertise of these ladies is passed to you with my complete trust in their capabilities and knowledge of all aspects of the system.  This includes the store administration, seo, templating, mal's, cpanel, email, etc.  They are the only ones, other than myself, who have access to the Confidential Board.

Preferred Designers, Approved Designers, MerchantMom Services ...

These are NOT MerchantMoms staff (other than Kathie, Tina and Barb who have links there) but people who offer their services to you.  We never act as a mediator between you and them.  The difference between the Preferred and Approved is whether they are hosted here or not. 

We have never hired anyone (nor do we plan to) for marketing, SEO, or any of those aspects of business.  So, any calls or emails you may receive stating otherwise are simply not true.  We believe it is up to each business owner to market their own business, and best when possible to work the system themselves for their SEO, because no one knows your product/business like you do.  The beauty of MerchantMoms has always been to empower YOU to do-it-yourself by presenting the tools and resources to do just that.

Help, where to go for help for what ....

All questions start here at MerchantMoms.

General questions are great for the forum.  We all learn so much from each other.  I post any 'news' and announcements here first. 

If the question is more specific where we would need access to your store administration or Mal's access, or you just don't want to ask on the public boards, please do feel free to use the Confidential Board.

If it is urgent, don't be afraid to submit a support ticket (can't access your site, for example).  I am personally there more than here.  I would rather you not do both (submit a ticket there and here, too) only to save me from bouncing back and forth with the same reply Smiley

If we believe it is related to your template, we will let you know to touch base with the template designer.

If it is related to Mal's, ask us first; if it is necessary to check further with Mal then one of us can contact him or use the forums there to get answers.

If it is related to billing and ordering hosting/domains, the support desk is best.

Thank you all for being such a great group !  YOU make merchantmoms what it is, has been, and will continue to be through your knowledge and support of each other.

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