Google Product Search

  • 3rd April 2011

There has been an announcement from Google regarding the Google Product Search that some of you may have received.

Our developer is working on an update in reference to this; there is also a note (on the above post) about ways to be exempted

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Protect Your Privacy

  • 16th March 2011
Unfortunatley, people are still receiving calls from Ecommerce Positioning. They are targeting newer businesses. They DO NOT work for or with MerchantMoms, are not affiliated in ANY WAY.   Blow the whistle in their ear, or whatever  seems appropriate at the moment.  They are not calling only MerchantMoms clients but other ecommerce clients as ...
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Paypal Subscription Cancellations

  • 20th July 2010

If your banking information changes at Paypal, most likely your Paypal Subscription will automatically be canceled by them; and you will need to restart the subscription or choose another payment method.

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Blogs and other Add Ons

  • 4th May 2010

Running a blog, etc., on your site is alright -but it is Your Responsiblity to make certain that it is kept up to date (the most current version).  Don't install it and forget it.  If you don't need it anymore, uninistall or ask us to remove it.

  Not doing so can cause issues with your site, with the server as a whole.

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