Who is NOT MerchantMoms

  • 13th March 2010
Once again someone is calling people pretending to be a MerchantMoms assistant of sorts.   He tries to schedule an appointment to go over MerchantMoms tutorials!   [b]This person is [color=red]NOT[/color] associated with Merchantmoms in any way![/b]  Hang up or blow a whistle at him, whatever you wish  ;D  OR get ...
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Paypal Subscriptions

  • 12th March 2010

If you receive a cancellation from Paypal and it doesn't say by Buyer or Seller, then it was by Paypal and usually is due to a change you made to your banking information.  You will need to resubscribe at your next invoice, or choose another method.

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Best Practices

  • 5th January 2010
We all become very spoiled to the ease of the MerchantMoms system; but in reality it is a good idea to take a moment or two (that's all it takes) each day to:1) Log into Mal's  to check orders and confirm all is as it should beIf your password is not a good secure one (ie a mix of letters and numbers) consider ...
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New Tutorials Added

  • 21st November 2009
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