new servers

It's almost MerchantMoms anniversary and you get shiny new servers!

1415 you are first (tonight) - and is live 

30th Mar 2018
New Graphic Packs

We've added some neat downloadable graphics to be used with the DIY templates - thanks Kathie ! They can be viewed here is just one of them To download and use the graphics you do need to have the most recent version. You can order your upgrade at ... Read More »

16th Feb 2017
Unexpected Network Issue

UPDATE: (12:18 PM EST)  And we're back, all servers running normallyUPDATE (12:05PM EST) One server is back, the other on the way backUPDATE (11:05AM EST): The issues being experienced by some are still being actively worked on by our networking team. Some customers are beginning to see resolution and those remaining should soon. 10:29 AM EST - ... Read More »

3rd Nov 2016
Contact Info Change Email

Some of you are receiving notifications that your contact information has changed.  There was a CPanel update that sent this odd notice out, nothing to be concerned about at all.

12th Oct 2016
Email Forwarding

Email forwarding to Microsoft accounts such as live and hotmail are being removed due to the way that Microsoft views forwarders.  Microsofts filters appear to view forwarding as spam. 

You will either need to use the webmail provided here or set up an email application on your computer / device to use your domain mail properly.

26th Apr 2016
upgrade available

There is a nice system upgrade available ! People had asked for Product Reviews, which is now included; as well as zooms and social networking tags smile emoticon If you want to see first, you can go to the demo at Please note: This will make the site responsive ONLY with a responsive template. So, your template will need ... Read More »

24th Mar 2016
Paypal Security Update Notifications

Many of you have received a notice from Paypal regarding security updates.

Those of you using Mal's Ecommerce are not effected, nor are those using CS-Cart, etc., as our servers have already all in place for it. 

20th Mar 2016
New Servers

As things change with new Operating Systems like Windows and Mac updates, so it is also true of your servers.  They aren't  Mac or Windows, but do have to have periodic updates.So most of you will be receiving messages that you have been moved to a new server in the coming weeks.Server7 is first in the line up and will be processing Thursday ... Read More »

22nd Oct 2015
Paypal Message

Many of you are receiving Paypal messages, its my understanding that these messages are stating that Paypal is upgrading *their* Service SSL Certificate, this would have no impact on our sites SSL Certificates (or Mal's there). The only thing this would impact would be very old versions of OpenSSL, really outdated versions running On CentOs 4 or ... Read More »

10th Sept 2015

As seems to often happen with the upgrade, the Quick Login screen disappeared.   I am working to bring that back, as I know many of you do like the ease of that feature.

In the meantime, however, you can simply go to Services, My Services, View Details, and see the Log in to Cpanel and Store Admin there.

5th Aug 2015