There's a Ghost!

  • 29th January 2015
And it's not the friendly Halloween variety.   As servers are checked and patched (if needed) against this new vulnerability, they will be rebooted as well.  Any down time noticed should only be momentary.
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Update for us

  • 8th January 2015

We decided it was time for a new look; we hope you'll find it more intuitive.   If you do feel lost, please feel free to ask us at the support desk to help you find your way. 

This update will take care of the issue some of your were experiencing with updating your credit card information via mobile devices.

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Shell Shock Bug Be Gone !

  • 26th September 2014
Great! Another bug is out and about, but MerchantMoms said "No, you aren't welcome here! Be gone Bug" What I am referring to is what is being referred to as the Shell Shock bug. (CVE-2014-6271 and CVE-2014-7169 Bash vulnerabilities). 

Servers are all appropriately patched for all of us !
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Domain renewals and registration

  • 1st September 2014
You will see the cost of domain renewal and registrations has been raised slightly.  It has been $11.75 since Merchantmoms began, but costs beyond our control forced us to raised our price to $14.95/yr.   Your privacy protection is still free, which we feel is extremely important.   Most hosts / registrars  charge for this ...
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