Designer Terms

Template Designer Terms & Agreements

Before signing on to be a template designer, you should be aware of, and agree to, the following terms:

  • You may not offer your own hosting plans or system packages.
  • You may not state a preference for another host over MerchantMoms
  • You agree to install the template and all graphics for the customer.
    • Installation does NOT mean simply pasting into the content box. A template is installed when it is loaded properly to the template folder. If you do not understand this process, please ask
  • Read and follow what is to be included in all templates here
  • You agree to provide support for your work. Your templates should test in all browsers, including degraded browsers such as IE6, etc. We do not make changes to custom templates, unless the template designer is unavailable (in which case is removed from our list).
  • You agree to include a reciprocal link ( linked ) back to MerchantMoms, LLC on your compatible hosts page
  • The "Hosted by Merchantmoms" link must be included in the footer of the template.

If you find these terms agreeable, then please do contact us.