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Add new site or verify existing site

1.  Either add a new site

To add a website:

In the Search Console home page, click the Add a property button and type the URL of the site or portion of the site for which you want data. Specify the URL exactly as it appears in the browser bar, including the final / mark. See What URL should I use? below for more details. Note that you must be able to prove that you own the site or section of that site.

Click Continue to open the Site verification page.

2. or Verify an existing site

To verify an existing site:

Click Manage Property > Verify this property on the Search Console home ( link to )


In the verification page instructions that appear below, click Download to download your HTML verification file. It looks similar to google4ddabfacdb4f6795.html.

Note: Do not rename your HTML file or Google won’t recognize it when they look for it.

Then upload it to your public_html folder via cpanel's File Manager

Note: Do not upload the HTML file to a subfolder. The file must be visible at

LEAVE THIS BROWSER TAB/WINDOW OPEN - you'll need to come back to it

Add new site or verify existing site

Log into Cpanel and click  File Manager

Open a NEW browser window and log into your cpanel and navigate to the file manager section

Log into Cpanel and click  File Manager

Click the public_html folder

Click the public_html folder

Click the Upload link at the top

Click the Upload link at the top

Upload the Google file

Drag the file from your computer that you downloaded from Google into the area specified

Upload the Google file

Go back to the Google page

Go back to the first browser window you have open to finish the verification checking "I'm not a robot" and then click VERIFY. If all went well your site should be verified.


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