Gmail - Add Your Domain Email to Gmail

Once logged into your gmail account click the Gear in the top right and select Settings.


Click on Settings, then Accounts and Import


Under the Check mail from other accounts  click the "Add a email account"


In the popup window enter the email address you want Gmail to check. Click "Next Step"


Add the email account info the address you want Gmail to check.

  1. Is the email address you're setting up
  2. Username will be the full email address
  3. Password will be the password you set up for that address when you created it
  4. POP Server is always ( replace your actual domain name for the part )
  5. port is normally 995 - you can double check in your cpanel's email accounts area. Once in cpanel's Email Accounts area click on the Set Up Email Client link for the email you're setting up. The info will be in the first info listing box, POP3 Port
  6. Leave this check box UNCHECKED
  7. CHECK this box for SSL
  8. If you have labels set up in Gmail and want these emails to go directly to those labels, check this and choose a label
    Normally you would leave the last box UNCHECKED

Click Add Account



Then you would need to fill out the part above to be able to send mail out using your domain name as the reply address


Add the name you want to show in the "From" field and then the domain name address you're setting up


leave this setting to "Send through Gmail" and click Next Step


Click "Send Verification" You may have to log into your cpanel or webmail to get the email with the verify code in it.


Then paste it back into the window and click Verify

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