Below are the steps to create a Full backup of your site. There is also a link to video instructions following ( at the end of the page ) 

You will first need to be logged into your clientarea here. 

Log in to manage your account

Clientarea main page


Click the ACTIVE button to the right of the domain name

My Products & Services

1. Click the Backup Icon from your Clientarea

Click the Backup Icon from your Clientarea

2. Click "Download a Full Website Backup"

Click "Download a Full Website Backup"

3. Generate a Full Backup

Generate a Full Backup

4. Click the "Go Back" button


5. Download your backup to a safe place

You will need this backup and the file in it - keep them in a safe place on your computer. You will not be able to restore your site with this backup but it contains all your images and the database file.

Download your backup to a safe place

Video on how to Backup your site

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