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If your site will be an ecommerce site (where you sell products) you will need to sign up for your Mal's shopping cart that the system integrates with, as directed in your welcome letter.

Go to

Once on Mal's site - click on either JOIN button to sign up for an account

 Create a new FREE shopping cart account

Fill in the form with information about you and your site. Check in the box to show that you agree to the "Terms of Service" ( after reading the Terms of Service ) Then click the "CREATE NEW ACCOUNT" button


 New Mal's account email notification


PRINT OUT THIS PAGE - very important!!!! You'll need to keep a copy of this information so print a copy of the page and it in a safe place with your other site info papers.

Click the LOGIN NOW button.
You're all set with your Mal's shopping cart account, now you can set it up with the necessary info needed to process orders placed through your site - like taxes, shipping fees, payment options..etc.

You will also need the user name (1) and server ( 2) ( the part before ) to fill in to your storeadmin's Catalog Setup area to tie your site with Mal's.



Password for payment area

The first time you log in you'll be asked to create a payment password. This is for a different login area where you can retrieve credit card info on any orders processed, if you have chosen to set up your account to collect cc info for you to later process manually on a physical terminal. This would be for those of you who have merchant accounts and terminals you can use to put credit cards through.

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