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If you find that you're unable to access your site, emails and cpanel it's possible that you've triggered the firewall. You can check whether it's really down or if it's just you - you've triggered the firewall and your IP is blocked - by checking this site ( and bookmark it for future reference ) - http://isup.me , just put your site address in the field, click the "or just me" linked text, and it will show whether your site is actually down or not.


If it shows that the site is up you can unblock your IP yourself if you're logged into your clientarea. Once logged in click the Support link in the top menu and select Unblock IP Address. Then click the RED "Check for IP Block and Remove" button

Click Support > Unblock IP Address

If you're still blocked you may need to put in a support ticket so we can check into it further. It's very helpful if you go to http://www.whatsmyip.org/, ipchicken.com or whatismyip.com from the blocked computer and copy the IP address it shows to add it to the support ticket so we know which IP to clear.

Why does this happen?

Merchantmoms servers use a firewall for protection against being exploited or hacked. When the server sees multiple failed logins in a short period of time it will think it's an attack or a hacking attempt and block you. It may seem aggressive at times, but the alternative would be worse. So, if all of a sudden your site appears to be down, you aren't getting email, can't send email and you can't access the storeadmin or cpanel it's possible that you have triggered the firewall. A quick check at http://www.whatsmyip.org/, ipchicken.com or whatismyip.com will tell you if it's just you being blocked or if the site is acutally down for some reason.

How does this happen? How to avoid it.

The most common reason for being blocked is if you accidentally trigger the firewall by unsuccessfully trying to log in too many times. This can be logging into any of the login points of your site - or a combo of any - multiple times in a short period of time. That would be site/storeadmin, email, cpanel -  Everything will be shut down to that IP - email, viewing your site, storeadmin, cpanel and if you have multiple devices using the same WIFI or internet service provider they will ALL be blocked.

This can happen if you forget your password or accidentally have a typo while logging in and try more then 5 times or it can happen when trying to set up email on a new ( or old ) computer or phone - if the settings are incorrect and the device checks the server for mail with the incorrect settings more then 5 times in an hour it will block the IP address.

Sometimes ISPs reassign a new IP when you reboot the router/modem which is why we often suggest doing this.  Rebooting both your computer and router can help. If that doesn't work, then we will remove your IP from the "blocked" list and reset the firewall.

We hope that helps in clearing up what happens and why. If you forget a password - ask! If you can't access anything now you'll know why and can unblock yourself in your clientarea or let us know via a support ticket ( including your IP address)


Use the MerchantMom's Client Area to log in to Webmail and Cpanel; this means one less password for you to remember!  Once you're in there, you're in.

Choose to let your browser (if Firefox, Opera, and some others) remember your password for you
Try a password keeper/filler such as Roboform (http://roboform.com)
Get a small Rolodex to put all of your passwords in, just like a bunch of business contacts

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