Page Groupings

You can "group" different pages together to appear in different areas of the site.

For instance, say you want to show the home page, "about us" page and contact page in tabs across the top of the page. Then down the left column you'd like to show the catalog page, wish list and wholesale links. And lastly, in a horizontal line across the bottom of the page, you'd like to show the affiliate page, search page and a page about your ordering policies.

What you'll do is to assign a "group" to each of these sections. For example, the first set of pages (the tabs) might be group 1, the second set (vertical listing down the left) is group 2, and the horizontal line at the bottom is group 3.

Now, when you access "Pages" in the administration area, edit each of those pages, and check the boxes next to "Page Groupings" to assign the page to that particular group. So in our example, the index page would have the check box in front of "Group 1" checked. The wish list is going to have "Group 2" checked. The search page will have "Group 3" checked. And so on.

Lastly, in your template use this format for the includes ( 2.93 ONLY ):

<?php $pggrp=X; include(SB_HOME_PATH ."/" .SB_INC_DIR ."/pagelist_vertical.php"); ?>

OLDER Versions 2.71 through 2.84 would use

<script language="php">$pggrp = X;include(SB_HOME_PATH ."/" .SB_INC_DIR ."/pagelist_vertical.php");$pggrp = "";</script>

replacing the X with the appropriate page group number and replacing the pagelist_vertical.php with the include you want

You can set up to 5 page groupings.

Note that all pages can be set in any, or all, of these groups, allowing you to display links in multiple navigation areas.

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