How to Take Professional Looking Pics

I have a few tips on how to take a professional looking picture with a regular "point and shoot" digital camera.

1) Take the picture in direct sunlight in front of a window.   Late morning is the best time - This is when the sun will be the brightest.  You can block the direct sunlight with a white sheet to give a softer look (this works the best for pics of people) or you can just put the product in the direct sunlight.  Whatever your preference (I've done both).

3) Don't use the flash!

2) Putting an item directly on the floor or countertop gives it an amateur look.  Unless the background in your house directly relates to your product, I suggest using scrapbook/craft paper as a background along with accents or props to make the setup look nice.  

4) When taking a picture outdoors (especially of people) it's best to do it on a cloudy day or in the shade.  Again, don't use the flash!

5) Try taking the picture a different angles instead of direct shots only- sometimes an angle shot can produce a more dramatic picture.

6) Blurring out the background in a photo often times makes the item "pop".  Sometimes taking a close-up of the product will automatically make the background blur.

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