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This is basic list of some of the things ( not a complete list ) that need to be checked or set up to launch your cs-cart site. Version 4 instructions are in red. We'll keep adding to this as we come across things that are often forgotten

  1. Change checkout page step 3 ( shipping options ) message. Default is :

    Delivery time is calculated in business days.

    Products in stock will be sent after the payment is verified. Mail service is responsible for the goods during transportation.

    Please, open the package delivered under your order the moment you receive it. If any damage is revealed, make claims against mail service.

    Any questions? Contact our Customer Service at 123-12-23

    This is changed in Administration => Languages ( Administration => Languages => Translations )
    search for delivery_times_text and shipping_tips to change all that
  2. Make sure your company info is in the Settings => Company area
  3. Make sure you have an invoice logo uploaded into the Design => Logos area ( GC too if you offer that )
    Design => Themes => Visual Editor, Select "Logos" from the CUSTOMIZE drop down menu
  4. Set up locations for the countries you're shipping to.
  5. Set up shipping for each location
  6. Set up a location for your state if you charge sales tax
  7. Add information such as thank you for your order and contact information to your orders statuses - in Orders=>Order Statuses Administration => Order Statuses.
  8. Set the order status to notify the customer and the orders department if you want to receive an email with the order status such as Open, Processed
  9. If you have your site verified in Google copy the Google verify file over from your regular MM site - since your cs-cart site is on a separate server it won't have the Google verify file. If you have verified your site by putting the verify meta tag into your template you'll need to verify the cs-cart site using the file upload method after you go live.
  10. If you have a stat counter in your template make sure it's in the new cs-cart template - or you might be able to set it up in a block in the footer area
  11. Update your meta tags - http://merchantmoms.com/KB/entry/990/
  12. Set up your payment methods http://kb.cs-cart.com/payment-methods


When setting up shipping and taxes

Do NOT delete states from the states menu, disable them instead.  Same for countries.

Do NOT setup Localizations.



Immediate before launch

  1. Submit a support ticket and let us know you're ready for the cs-cart site to be live
  2. Order SSL if needed
  3. Set up email accounts in cpanel if needed - using same passwords as you currently have the emails set up with
  4. If you have a WP on your space here make sure it's moved to your new cs-cart server
  5. Once we let you know we've switched the cs-cart site on you will start logging in with the real url vs the IP.
  6. Cancel old MM system when you are ready to be done with it, until we get the request to cancel the old site you will continue to pay the hosting for it.

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