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To add Google Analytics, you'll need  to add specific code to your template.  If you aren't comfortable with editing HTML you may wish to contact your template designer.

To add to your template:

  • Log into your storeadmin (or contact your template designer)
  • Under Web Site click Template
  • Make sure your template is selected in the drop down menu and click the Customize button. This makes a copy of the template and places it in the box below this area.
  • In the Custom Template box look for this: </head>
  • Paste the code that you copied right ABOVE that
  • Then click the UPDATE button

Login to your Mals account This put the analytics "tracking ID" on your cart thank you page.

  • Then click the Cart Setup tab
  • Click Advanced Settings in the left hand menu, then Google or Yahoo analytics .
  • Enter your account code into the box. It will look like this:UA-111111-1
  • Then click UPDATE.

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