Link to page outside of the system

Hover over the "Web Site" link in your storeadmin, and choose Pages

Hover over the "Web Site" link in your storeadmin, and choose Pages

Add New Page

Add New Page

Add Page Title

Name the page - whatever this page will be, whether a link to your blog installed in a blog folder using cpanel's Softaculous installer, a link to your blog at blogger, and link to your sister site, a link to an installed gallery. Any page *outside* of the pages you can create in the system's Pages, Products or Catagories areas.

IMPORTANT - this page should NOT be any pages that are created by the MM system. Do NOT link to product, or category or another page. Doing this can cause a redirect loop.


Add the Link to the Outside Page

In the CONTENT editor add the full URL to your outside page, uncluding the http:// part. NOTHING else, do not carriage return. If your template uses Page Groups set this page in the appropriate group. Then click the ADD button at the bottom. That's it!

Add the Link to the Outside Page
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