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New Features in version 2.94

* Theme Colors: This is a feature that designers can add to templates to allow the site owner control over font and background colors in areas other then those in the Fonts & Colors area of admin.  How to use this area | Info for Designers ( how to add to the template)

* Favicons: Upload an image to be used as a favicon on your site and/or admin area. Multiple image sizes are created, including icons for Apple, Android and Windows tiles (requires gd library). More info

* Immediate Inventory: Stores with flash sales can set inventory counts to be temporarily decremented when the item is added to the cart. These temporary counts can be removed in the storeadmin if needed. More Info

* Override Content: Stores can add a message to be displayed throughout the entire site, replacing all content. This allows stores to temporarily close the store for updates. You can also use one of the new maintenance or coming soon templates

* Upload Size Settings: In previous versions, auto thumbnail heights and widths were determined by the Max Img Height and Width. Now, you can specify a different thumbnail height and width, used only when creating auto thumbnail images for products.

* Category Displays: Choose to display only active categories, or all categories. Choose to display feature links by name, or by the current category. For new item pages, choose to show just one page of new items or a full list of items, sorted new to old. For categories with images, choose whether you want to show the category name under the image or not.

* Image Thumbnails: When adding an item, choose to create auto thumbnails, use the large image resized via CSS, or skip the thumbnails altogether. If auto thumbnails are selected, choose whether those thumbs are used when adding images only, or when replacing the images as well. The thumbnail that is created automatically can also be cropped instead of resized with padding.

* Social Media: You can enter your main social media URLs (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) and the system will create icons, using Font Awesome, on the template. The Social include must be in your template though ( contact the designer if it's not). You also have the ability to add any other external URLs (blogs, mailing lists, even mailto email addresses) and select an icon to represent that URL. Icons display in circles, colored by 'Social Text' and 'Social Bkgd' in Fonts & Colors. Facebook Like button was updated.

* Product Reviews - You can now choose to turn off reviews on the site

* Keywords now search descriptions

* Item name is now required when adding a new product

* Order totals can be updated when editing an order

* Registry sort is now available in storeadmin area

* Image loader has been updated to accommodate sizes better

* A more stylized ‘Added to cart’ message appears when someone uses the ‘Auto Add’ method of adding items to the cart

* Additional setings: change the Mals 'noqty' field through the storeadmin, choose to show 'View All' links or not

* The order of all, new, featured and sale item links can now be changed, in addition to displaying above or below categories

This version is also mobile responsive which brings your site up to speed with Google, Bing, etc., and their wish that sites be responsive which means they work properly on all devices. It also has a zoom feature for images and product tagging for FB, etc., and product ratings.

You would need a new responsive template in order for this to work. You can either use one of our default ones (https://merchantmoms.com/templategallery.php) or get a new one pretty reasonably http://merchantmoms.com/templatedesigners.php , or possibly have your current one updated.

The upgrade is here if you are interested: http://modmagic.com/system-upgrade-2.94.html

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