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As of version 2.94, you can set up the system so that inventory is temporarily unavailable as soon as someone adds the item to the cart, instead of when a customer purchases the item. This inventory count hold is temporary; the item is released back into stock in time. This is useful for OOAK items or flash sales.

Note: while this greatly decreases the chances of overselling items, it's not a guarantee that an item will not oversell. Instant inventory may result in decreased sales, because a customer cannot order an item in someone else's cart, even if that first customer decides not to buy the item.

To turn on Instant Inventory:

  1. Log in to the storeadmin area.

  2. Select Catalog Setup from the Administration menu.

  3. Change the following variables:

    • Temp Cart: This is the number of minutes before the item will be released back into inventory, after someone adds the item to his or her cart.

    • Self Cart: This is the number of minutes before the item can be re-ordered by the person who added the item to his or her cart.

  4. At this point, inventory counts will be temporarily decreased as someone adds an item to the cart.

  5. To turn Instant Inventory off at a later time, change Temp Cart and Self Cart to Do Not Set.

e.g.) Stop someone from ordering an item in someone else's cart for one hour:

Temp Cart = 60
Self Cart = 5
Strawberry Candle has 1 in stock.

  • Customer A adds a Strawberry Candle to his cart at 9:30 am.
  • Customer B will not be able to add Strawberry Candle to her cart until after 10:30 am.
  • If Customer A accidentally deletes the item from the cart, he won't be able to re-add the item to his cart until 9:35 am.

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