Uploading Product Images - 2.94+

New Image Sizes

The new image sizes in the Catalog Setup area determine what the size of the thumbnails will be.

Upload Height/Width: This is the maximum pixel value of the resulting thumbnails. If you crop an image that's larger than these values, that image will be cropped to this exact height and width.

Max Img Height/Width: This value now only affects the size of the images on the front end catalog. If this is smaller than the actual size of the thumbnails, the images will be scaled down. (e.g. a thumbnail that was uploaded at 200px x 200px will show at 100px x 100px if you set the Max Img Height/Width to 100px.)

Note that in the past, the Max Img Height/Width affected both the upload and the display of the thumbnails. Now those values are separate.

Thumbnail Defaults

When you upload an item image, there are several options available for the thumbnail, displayed in the thumbnail image drop down box:

[nothing]: This does not load a thumbnail image. Only the large image is loaded.

- auto create thumbnails - : This automatically creates a smaller thumbnail image, based on the large image.

- use large image - : This just uses the same large image as the thumbnail.

- [image list] : You can also just choose an existing thumbnail.

Crop Feature

The new Thumbnail Crop creates a cropped image, instead of resizing the image proportionately.

For instance, let's say you have an upload height and width of 200px (set in Catalog Setup). Now, let's say you upload an image that's 600px wide by 800px high.

If you create an auto thumbnail, that thumbnail is just a scaled-down version of the large image, and will be a maximum of 200px high and wide.

So that means that the thumbnail will look just like the original, but it will be 150px by 200px.

If, however, you click the 'crop image' check box when you create the auto thumbnail, the image will be scaled down and cropped to fit the upload height and width values you set in the catalog setup.

So in this case, because the image is taller than it is wide, it will be scaled down to a 200px width, and then cropped to a 200px height.

The resulting thumbnail will be a square that's 200px wide by 200px high.


So thumbnails can now be cropped by checking the 'crop image' checkbox, the uploaded thumbnail height/width can now be different than the height/width that it will display on the site
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