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If you have SSL on your site you will need to make these changes in Mal's

  1. Cart Setup > Advanced Settings  > Remote call - change "method used to call your script" to HTTPS POST
  2. Cart Setup > Customize > Return Link    -  change to HTTPS and the URL should be
    ( change the yoursitename.compart to your actual domain name )
    • Select 'Form button with the word CONTINUE. POST request.'
       - OR -
      Select 'Form button using the text above. POST request.' and enter some text in the 'Text for the link' box.
  3. Cart Setup -> Customize -> Continue shopping button - Select 'Hyperlink'

Then if you have your site set up to have thumbnails in the cart you will need to have this in place

  • Cart Setup > Customize > Other messages and general settings - change the thumbnails URL to https:// instead of http://

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