Contact form does not work with AOL or Yahoo email

If the email from your contact form is not working and you use an AOL or Yahoo email address we strongly recommend using a domain or gmail email address as the 'Admin Email' for your site and Mals cart. Both Yahoo and AOL have updated their DMARC policies, and suggest using a domain email for web scripts.

If you use an AOL or Yahoo email as your Admin Email or in Mals, the contact form, guestbook, order tracking, wholesale application and email a friend scripts may not work

For best results when using an AOL or Yahoo email, create a domain email forwarder and forward the message to your AOL or Yahoo email address.

Video on creating a domain email - click here
Video on forwarding that new email address - click here

Remember to then replace your old email address with this new one in your storeadmin's Site Settings area and also in Mal's

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