Popup Pages 2.95+ (Site blocks )

These are the product Popup Pages, but in 2.95 they can now be used on pages too. When used on pages ( not product pages ) the info in the popup page is displayed, it does NOT popup like they do when used on product pages.

  1. Go to Site Blocks in the Advanced menu.

  2. Add or Edit a new site block:

    • Title: Enter the name you wish to call this popup page/site block. This will be used as the link name if you use the block as an item pop up page. Otherwise, it will be used as a description inside the storeadmin area.
    • Code (new to 2.95): If you wish to use this block within page, product or category descriptions, enter a code name here. Codes must be unique and can only contain alpha numeric characters.
    • Content: Enter the text you wish to appear on the pop up page or block that will be inserted into other pages, products or categories. This content can include HTML coding, with images, tables or other HTML elements.
  3. How to use the Site Blocks:

    Pop Up Pages: You can use Site Blocks just as you would in previous versions, as pop up pages within items.

    1. Add or edit a product (E-Store > Products).
    2. Select a Site Block from the Pop Up Pages 1-5 fields (earlier releases only have one Pop Up Page).
    3. This item will appear as a link in the product description, when viewing a detailed item or single item view.

    Content Information (new to 2.95): You can now use Site Blocks to insert code snippets into product, page or category descriptions. This allows you to change content in just one place, and it will update every page, product or category that has that code snippet.

    1. All site blocks that are to be used for content must have a code slug added. In the Site Blocks area, make sure you have entered a value in the Code field.
    2. Edit a page, product or category.
    3. In the Description field, enter a code block (e.g. %BLOCK_CODENAME% if the Code in your Site Blocks is CODENAME) wherever you want to show the content. In the page's editor a Site Block drop down box should appear which displays the blocks you can insert.
    4. Save the page, product or category.
    5. In the front end, %BLOCK_CODENAME% will be converted to the Content of your Site Block.
    6. If you edit the Site Block, any products, categories or pages that contain that Site Block code will automatically show the new updates.
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