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Mal's Settings

  • Log into your Mals-e account 
  • Click on Cart Setup tab
  • Click on Payment Methods
  • Click on Paypal
  • Check the radio button that says "Express Checkout"
  • Under Express checkout placement put a tick in  "Just have it as a payment option in the cart's checkout system"
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and Submit Changes

Paypal Settings - to grant API access to the cart in your Paypal account

  •  Login to PayPal
  • Go to: Profile
  • Go to: My selling preferences
  • Go to: API Access > Option 1 - Grant API Premissions
  • Add New Third Party

Third Party Permission Username:

and give the cart permission to use:

  •  Process your customers credit or debit card payments
  • Use Express Checkout to process payments


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