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Should a domain expire, there is a 30 day grace period in which we can still get it back for you.  After that, in order for us to get it back there is a large fee (approx $100) imposed by ICANN, not us.  The other option is to wait out the redemption waiting period and repurchased the name, which is approximately 75 days.  40(Post Expiry Grace period) + 30(Redemption Period) + 6(Pending Delete period) = 75 days 

 The Redemption Period is a 30 day, Registry-imposed hold period for domains that occurs after the registrar has instructed the Registry that the domain should be dropped. Domains will have reached the REDEMPTION PERIOD state if they have been EXPIRED for at least 40 days, were NOT renewed by the owner, and the drop domain process has run. Normally domains would be deleted at this point, but the REDEMPTION PERIOD provides the owner with one last chance to recover the domain before it is dropped and potentially re-registered by a new owner. It is a policy started by ICANN and the Registry Operator, Verisign:



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