How do I charge a shipping cost based on weight? Print

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When you create your products you will need to add a value to the "Shipping Units " field in the store admin. If you want to base your shipping costs on weight you can add a number to this field for the weight of the product. For example, a half pound product would be .50, add .50 to the field. Now you must base your shipping on weight in your Mals account.

1. Login to your Mals-e account
2. Click "Cart Setup "
3. Click "Shipping"
4. Enter a value in Option 3

Option 3: Calculated from weight or other value
As items are added to the shopping cart you can assign a weight, or some other value such as volume or value, to the item on which shipping can be calculated using a fixed cost for each unit assigned.
Shipping cost per unit:

5. If you want to charge a value of $1 per pound add a 1 to the "Shipping cost per unit" field
6. The result for this example would be a shipping cost of .50 cents

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