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If you don't have a PayPal account click here to open one. It is free and only takes a few minutes. You must set up a Business account, rather than a Personal account (or upgrade from Personal) to automate inventory control or log orders and sales. Personal accounts can be used with the cart, but the inventory control and order tracking will not work!

Once you have your account setup or if you already have your account setup you will need to take the following 2 steps:

STEP 1 - Settings At Mal's

  • Create a Thank You Page
    • Create a web site page called "thankyou" (hint: use the add page feature in your storeadmin)
    • On this page, type out the following text:
      Thank you for your payment. Your transaction has been completed, and a receipt for your purchase has been emailed to you. You may log into your account at to view details of this transaction.
    • Save this page to your web site.
  • Update Your Mals-E Account
    • In your Mals-E account, select the "Cart Setup" link.
    • Select the "PayPal" link under "Payments".
    • Enter your PayPal email address under the account ID.
    • Select the currency if needed.
    • Under , select "return the customer back to the cart. See the notes below...".
    • Put a check in the box next to IPN - Instant payment notification
    • Under PRODUCT DESCRIPTION check : Try to push all the products into the description. It will be cut off at 127 chars.
    • Go to the bottom of the page and click UPDATE PAYPAL SETTINGS

Once you have updated your accounts, when a customer makes a purchase and pays via PayPal, they will automatically be taken to the Mals-E cart finish page, or to your thank you page if they didn't go through Mals to purchase your products.


IMPORTANT: Make sure that in step #2 you have selected the "return the customer back to the cart. See the notes below..." link. This would be the middle option.  Do not add the thank you page you created in step 1 or choose any other radio buttons. The "Thank You" page you created in step 1 is ONLY used for payments that go through PayPal but not through Mals.

STEP 2 - Settings at PayPal this step needs to be completed in your Paypal account )

  • Log in to your PayPal account
  • Click "Profile" link 
  • Select the "My Selling Tools" link 
  • Then select to UPDATE your "Website preferences"
  • In the "Auto Return for Website Payments" Section
    • Select the "On" button in the "Auto Return" section 
    • In the "Return URL" field enter the page url - (replacing the with your actual domain name) 
      This is the page you created from the information found in STEP 2 above
  • Payment Data Transfer (optional)
    • Set this to "OFF"
  • Encrypted Website Payments
    • Set this to "OFF"
  • PayPal Account Optional (This allows people to pay you with a credit card or e-check without having to have a PayPal account.)
    • Choose 'On'
  • Contact Telephone Number
    • Choose "Off (PayPal recommends this option)"
  • Express Checkout Settings
    • Choose "OFF"


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