Add social share buttons ( 2.94) This tutorial will show you how to add social share buttons to your product pages.... Creating Subcategories When you first add a category, you can make that category a subcategory by selecting the parent... Default Product Default items can be used when adding items, to expediate entry. A new item`s fields will be... Hide Category Number Version 2.93 allows you to hide the product catalog number on your product pages.Go to... Image Display Option ( 2.93) Version 2.93 allows you to choose different image styles/functions for each layout. Change the... More on Product Images We are often asked how to get the images to look more professional, more uniform in size site... Only 3 product Options available - I need more By default the options for product is set to 3 but you can have up to 20. To change the number... PopUp Pages - OLD 2.93 amd below PopUp Pages can be added to your Products. You might use them to share additional information... Popup Pages 2.95+ (Site blocks ) These are the product Popup Pages, but in 2.95 they can now be used on pages too. When used on... Price discounting for bulk purchases Price Discounts: If you wish to set price discounts for quantity purchases, you can enter the... Uploading Product Images - 2.94+ -------------------- New Image Sizes -------------------- The new image sizes in the Catalog... Wholesale Only You have products you want only wholesalers to see ?  On the product edit page look for the... Add Categories (1) Add a Category: To add a new category, select the `Add` button, then enter all the fields... Add Products The Products section allows you to add/edit all aspects of your products. There are 3 screens for... Add Product Options This is the 2nd screen of product add/edit and where you'll set up options for this item, such... Product Inventory and Related Items In this 3rd screen you'll set: Inventory amounts related items     Add related items...
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