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Go to Cart Setup -> Advanced Settings -> Upselling Add-On

Log into Mal's and click the Cart Setup tab, then Advanced Settings > Upselling Add-On

Add New Product

Add info for the new product - setting it to Main Cart page will add it to the main checkout page of Mal's

Fill Out the Info

Edit item info

Upsell item info
  1. Name the addon/upsell item
  2. Add the price of the item
  3. Leave as is unless your cart is set up with multiple currencies
  4. Add shipping units ( weight ) if needed
  5. Add tax rate if it should be taxed
  6. ( optional ) Add SKU if this items has one that you use
  7. ( optional ) If this item should only display - be available - when a certain item is in the cart add that item's Scode. Select "Begins with * then in the form field add the Scode of the item that should be in the cart for this upsell item appear.  To find the Scode needed view this tutorial =>
  8. ( optional ) Add the URL of this item - navigate to the item in your store and copy the address from the browser address bar - paste that here
  9. ( optional ) Add the URL to the thumbnail image of this item if you want a thumbnail image of it to appear in the cart page ( see instructions below on how to find the URL )
  10. ( optional ) Set the size you want the thumbnail image to be if you added the image URL in step above ( #9)
  11. Set the text you want to show which will be what the customer clicks on to add this item


URL TO THUMBNAIL IMAGE - how to find it

PC - Navigate to the item on your site, right click on the image and choose "View Image" - copy the address in the browser's address bar

mac -  Navigate to the item on your site, Ctrl-click on the image and choose "View image" - copy the address in the browser's address bar


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